New Year’s Eve Ort Ball Drop

Sunday, December 31, 6:30 pm to midnight

You could spend New Year’s Eve watching a million people packed in together like sardines, listening to bands you never heard of, waiting for a giant ball costing more money than you could ever hope to make fall to the ground at midnight on TV. OR you could come to Cross My Heart and stitch and snack with friends! It’s time for the annual Ort Ball Drop!

What is an ort? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “ort” as a “morsel left at a meal, a scrap.” It’s first known use was in the 15th century and says that it’s a Middle English word coming from Middle Low German, “orte.” Stitchers have morphed this word to refer to the scraps of thread, beads, fabric and more that are left over and are really to small to be used again. Unless you need just a little bit of thread. Or 1 bead. Or are in a panic because you need enough thread for 1 stitch and your local needlework shop is closed for the night. Not that anyone would do that…….

So what’s this ort ball drop thingy? We’ve collected all our little bits of thread along with donations from our stitching family and put them in a 14″ hollow plastic ball, added LED lights and suspend from the ceiling in the back room of Cross My Heart. At midnight, we dim the lights, broadcast on facebook live, and count down the clock as we gently lower our giant ort ball from the ceiling to the floor. There’s always something new each year – so don’t miss out!

Registration is required by December 30th by calling the shop at 614.442.0820. Please bring a snack to share with your fellow stitchers!