Advanced Ordering Rules

We ARE still taking Advanced Orders. Please call the shop directly at 614-442-0820 or visit Cross My Heart at 1141 Kenny Centre, Columubs, OH, between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm Monday through Sunday (or until 7:30 pm on Thursday) to place Advanced Orders. ALL advanced orders must be placed and PAID FOR BEFORE we leave for the Nashville Market.

1. What you see on the board or in the notebook is all we know.

2. A deposit on your purchase is required for us to order.  You will be given a gift certificate in the amount of your deposit so that if you choose to not purchase the item when it comes in, you may use your deposit on any other in-stock item.  You must have your gift certificate with you in order to redeem it on your purchase.  All gift certificates must be redeemed by March 31.

3. The deposit required for the item is listed with the item; most of the time it is going to be the full price of the item.  If the item is less, you may use the credit on any other in-stock item.  If the item is more, you will be responsible for the remainder of the cost.

4. Most market items will be available to pick up on March 9th during Market Day. You may not pick up items prior to Market Day.  Some market items may not be available until later depending on what quantities designers brought to market and if they are sold out by the time we get to their door.  If there is a sell out at market, we will order the item (providing it is not a limited edition) and let you know when it comes in.

5. We cannot guarantee the availability of limited edition items.  We will do everything we can to bring back limited editions that you have ordered; however, if there is a sell out before we are able to purchase, your deposit will be available to you to redeem on any other in-stock item.