Camp Gottastitch 2020

We are excited about Camp Gottastitch 2020. We always try to stick with a theme, but, as one tweet this past week put it, I think this year, we’ve gone too far.

We are confident that we will get through this, one step at a time. We will be opening Camp Gottastitch registration to 2019 attendees on April 1 and open to the remainder of the public on April 15th.

We will not be accepting any deposits until after May 1. We will invoice you when we are ready to accept money. We encourage you to continue to put aside somewhere safe your Camp money for when we do start accepting payments. We are doing this because we know that over the next few weeks, money is going to be tight for a lot of us.

More information, including how to register and Camp options/cost will be posted here on this page on April 15th. See you soon!