Christmas At Cross My Heart

Only 165 Days until Christmas! Are you ready? I’m not. I have projects that I was going to have done each month so that there wouldn’t be a rush around November of – CRAP! I will have to stay awake and stitch 24/7 in order to get this done…. I have a friend who decided to stitch a Christmas ornament a week each week until Christmas. She kitted 52 projects. And then the turbo stitching monster possessed her. It’s July 12 and she has 50 done of the 52. She decided to stop because she just couldn’t do the last 2. Seriously? I’m still trying to get the 1 done for last year’s gift exchange. Actually, I’m quite in awe of this woman. I want to be her when I grow up.

But for the rest of us – holy Toledo! 165 days? Where does the time go? So – if you want to get a head start (well, actually, since it’s July, not so much of a head start, but you get the idea) Cross My Heart has a few things to get you going. For those of you who like kits and beads, Mill Hill has come out with these darling little sleds. Some have cats riding along, some have dogs, some are traditional, some are blue. There’s a sled for everyone on your list!

Coming soon – The Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition! This is an annual periodical that contains lots of different ornaments to get you excited for the Christmas season to come. We’ve only seen the preview cover – but already Cross My Heart staff is making their claims on which ornaments they want to stitch for next year’s ornament club. What’s ornament club, you ask? Every year Cross My Heart staff pick 12 different ornaments out of the Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition to kit up for your stitching pleasure. You have to buy the magazine and each kit cost is based on the different fibers, fabric and embellishments in the kit. You have the option of linen or aida. We will release the ornaments we select sometime after the magazine gets here, usually in September.

Christmas stitching is not just about ornaments! I’ve got several larger projects that were intended as Christmas gifts. Thankfully, I never said which Christmas. I’m still plugging away on them and Christmas Club is an excellent opportunity to stitch on those types of projects, as well as the plethora of ornaments that you want to have done for the holidays. I still have a vast assortment of 12 Days of Christmas ornaments I want to get done for me some day, but I digress. Christmas Club is open to anyone wanting to stitch something either for themselves or for others for the holidays. There is an annual charge collected of $7.50 and we have a great party in December to celebrate all the finishes. Talk to Jennie about joining Christmas Club – there’s still a half a year left (see – doesn’t that sound better than 165 days? No? Well, I tried.) Merry Stitch-mas, y’all!