Nashville 2018

So Cross My Heart’s web guru took Notthemama with her to the Nashville Market this year and asked her to share her experience!

My first trip to the Nashville Market:
Busy. Lots of people. Vendors and shop owners took over 85% of the Embassy Suites. Shop owners in one room; Vendors in another. Both talking about the same problems. How to set the room up? Oh, no! We forgot….. (several things). Need a forum for shop owners to share ideas. 175 vendors. How do we get customers into the store? What new stuff will they like? Mmmm – breakfast every morning – custom cooked to order omelets! Busy again. I want to buy it all! Oh look at the cute (pattern, fabric, tote, floss, fiber, etc)! Jennie running back and forth to get your orders! Jennie muttering to herself as she goes back out the door to get more of your orders. 4 of us in a room – hmmm. If you went to every room there is only 7 minutes you can spend in each room. Fondling the fibers in Weeks Dye Works! Watching the people fighting over the fabric in Picture This Plus. Visiting with Amy Bruecken. Meeting Penny Franz (Ewe Count). Learning how to do a cute envelope. Oh no, only one more day – we won’t make it to every store! Frantic last minute shopping! Jennie still is muttering to herself. Success! We covered as much as we possibly could and got all your orders…and then some. Home! Hey, who is cooking me an omelet this morning?

We are waiting for you! We have lots of new patterns, fibers, fabrics and gadgets fresh in the store! See you soon!

Check out the video from Needlework Retailer!