Opening Day

Cross My Heart is opening May 12. We have been making updates and changes and look forward to seeing you all soon! Our new operating hours will be 10 am-5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

We’ve reserved 10 am to noon as private shopping hours. You can reserve your own half hour personal shopping time by calling 614-442-0820. Just want to drop in? Noon – 5 pm will be open for you! We are limiting shoppers during this time to no more than 5 people at a time.

When we re-open on the 12th, in order to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees, everyone must be masked. Please use hand sanitizer (available at the door) at entry and exit. Maintain social distancing. We also ask that you limit ‘touching’ only to those things that you really, really have to touch. (We know that part of the needlework experience is the ‘feel’, but please limit touching or ask an employee about it!)

We do want to let you know that in addition to the advanced deep cleaning we have already done, Cross My Heart employees will be performing cleaning tasks throughout the day, once we re-open on the 12th. Please be aware, we are only open for shopping – we are not re-opening our stitch groups and for the time being, we will not have restrooms available.

We want to thank you for your support throughout this difficult time period and want to let you know that even as we open on the 12th, we are still accepting phone and internet (emailed and web) orders. We can mail these or bring them to your car.