Support Mid Ohio Food Bank and win Roger Rip-It

Cross My Heart is giving away a frog! Graciously crafted and donated by one of our faithful Tuesday group stitchers, Patty Spencer and named by our 2018 Camp Gottastitch group, Roger RipIt is packed and ready to go to your home! Raffle tickets are $1 each, 6 tickets for $5 and 15 tickets for $12 and can be purchased either over the phone or through our store until the end of the year. Our new frog ’ s owner will be announced just before the Ort Ball drops on December 31. All proceeds will go to support the Mid bank; we’ll be making one donation just before Thanksgiving and a second donation at the end of the raffle.

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank distributed nearly 70 million pounds of food last year — enough food for 155,000 meals each day; 60 percent of which was fresh, to nearly 525,000 clients. There is always a need here in central Ohio and there is still time to join Cross My Heart in making a donation. We are accepting monetary donations until the end of the year. If you prefer not to invite the frog to your stitching parlor, we will accept donations in any amount.